Founded in the High Middle Ages (7th century A.D.), the estate takes its name from the parish church (pieve in Italian) of Saint Restituta (Pieve Santa Restituta), dedicated to the 4th-century saint and martyr Saint Restituta.

Santa Restituta is the patron saint of the island of Ischia (off the coast of Naples, Italy), where she was miraculously delivered from her pagan torturers who had planned to kill her at sea. In Naples, the early-Christian Basilica di Santa Restituta contains some of the greatest works of art of the Italian middle ages and Renaissance.

Because she is not commonly worshiped in central Italy, the church on the Gaja family’s estate represents a truly unique example of medieval Christian architecture and art. Since the purchase of the estate in 1994, the Gaja family has worked painstakingly to restore this beautiful and remarkable house of worship.